Last Updated:  9/9/2014  *Challenge Words Added to Spelling City - Students will NOT BE tested on them but they are available on-line for extra practice if your student gets an S+ on their spelling pretest!*

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 After taking our pretest Monday, we will take our first spelling test on Thursday, Sept. 18th!  If your student missed words, they are highlighted on the back of their Parent/Teacher Communication Folder!

List 1:  Dragon Gets By




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Click here for a printable Semester 1 Spelling List!

  Sept. 15-19 - Homecoming Week

  Sept. 15 - Game Day

  Sept. 16 - Stationary Object Day

  Sept. 17 - Sturgis Day

  Sept. 18 - Twin Day

  Sept. 19 -  KWL Pride Parade at 2:00

  Sept. 25 - Parent/Teacher Conferences

  Sept. 26 - No School

Click on the link below to enter your log-in information for our MobyMax site to practice math, reading, and vocabulary skills. 

Remember our school code is:  sd355

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